Friday, November 26, 2010

How To Make Video Calls from Huawei Mobile Partner


If you are unable to make video calls through Huawei Mobile Partner, follow the steps below.

1. I guess, initially, your Mobile Partner's Call Interface will look like this:

where you don't find an option to make a video call.

2. Exit Mobile Partner, if open. (Important)

3. Go to Mobile Partner Installation directory and find the file SysSetting.xml. Typically, it will be here: C:\Program Files\Mobile Partner\SysSetting.xml. Open it in Notepad.

Find this in the file:

Notice that callvideo is 0. Modify it to 1 and save the file.

4. Open Mobile Partner, and see the call interface again:

You got a new button to make video calls!

5. Go to Tools>>Options>>Video Call, and choose the correct web cam, make other settings as per your preference.

6. Once you dial the number and click the new Video Call button, you'll get the local and remote video screen below:

Done! You can start making video calls through your PC!

This is personally tested by me and found working. Good Luck!!


  1. thanks u. it's working for me.

    1. does it work with Huawei E171? whicj model you are using.

  2. after modification(mobile partner not working properly) mine is e1572.
    iam unable to connect to net

  3. i did as abov call option is shown as disabled..pls help

  4. i did as you said but video option is diable why

  5. How would you do this on mac os x?

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