Friday, May 29, 2009

Sony Vaio VGN-CS24GH/Q Review

Yesterday I bought Sony VAIO CS24 series laptop. Bought it through a Sony employee and got 20% discount. The laptop is priced Indian Rupees 49,990. After discount, I got it for Rs. 39,992.

I was thinking of buying Dell Studio 15 or Dell Studio XPS 13. I read somewhere that Dell Studio 15 doesn't have Power/HDD/Capslock status indicators. Also it doesn't have media keys. Dell Studio XPS 13 was a perfect machine for gaming and entertainment but it's over-priced. It also has over-heating problems. You'll need some extra cooling mechanism while using it. I wanted a stylish machine with good configuration for casual gaming and entertainment. Sony VAIO CS24 meets my needs with Core2 Duo 2GHz processor, 3GB RAM, 250GB HDD, Intel GM45 Express, Windows Vista Basic. If you have an extra Rs. 12000 ($200), you can go for vaio CS27, which comes with Geforce 9300 and Vista premium.

The package contained the laptop, power cord, instruction manual, and warranty card. That's it. Sony doesn't ship any CDs (OS Recovery, motherboard drivers, etc). You need to create a recovery disc yourself and download the drivers from Sony's website. The laptop is preloaded with everything but in case of system failure at any time, you shouldn't be in trouble.

As there was no CDs or DVDs, all the softwares were already installed. McAfee Total Protection 90 days trial, MS Office 2007 60 days trial, and many other Sony VAIO applications - Media player, Video editor, DVD burner, etc etc and even MS SQL Server 2005!

The body is glossy so it's vurnerable to fingerprints. Keypad is great but would have been better with backlight. The touchpad seems to be made of some hard metal but it's very sensitive and works great. Media and volume keys are also very sensitive. Just drag your finger from - to + to increase the speaker volume. The audio quality is also excellent. It supports HD audio. I haven't got to use it in a proper way so I'm not sure of the battery backup but should be providing at least 2 hours on a normal usage.

Well, this is all I have right now. I'll update once I start using my vaio.

UPDATE: I feel that it's better to go for a Sony Vaio with Windows Vista Home Premium or higher. You'll get a free upgrade to Windows 7. Details here:
But, I'm not disappointed. I managed to get it upgraded, don't ask me how. ;)


  1. Please write a more detailed review when you get time! I think yours is the one and only review of this model right now on the internet...and I wish I knew some Sony employee too :P

    PS - Any idea if VAIO will offer a free upgrade to Windows 7?

  2. I don't think Sony would offer any free upgrade. Moreover, Windows 7 is not yet launched. The versions currently available are beta and release candidate.

  3. Update:
    - I have to carry a soft cloth all the time to wipe off the fingerprints.

    - To mute the volume, you have to tap on the ◄ key twice. The ◄ icon is located between - and + icons.

  4. hi thr,

    i am also planning to buy a Sony VAIO CS24 laptop...the laptop price here is Rs.49,990 (Mangalore,Karnataka)
    Is it possible for you to give me the reference of the sony employee through which you bought the laptop?
    I am really looking forward to buy this laptop and if i can get it a bit cheap through him then it would be great.

  5. Sorry friend, Sony employees have an yearly purchasing limit of Rs. 1 Lakh. My friends and me have made him buy a lot of things and he has already met the limit. :(

  6. i have the same set as u do.however now a days im noticing that the screen is flickering at the bottom every 7-8 sec.i dont know whether its a hardware or o/s problem.can u tell wat to do?

  7. even i'm facing the same issue. started facing this issue almost a month back. earlier screen was used to flicker, but nowadays there is a bright line at the bottom. it should be a hardware-related problem. didn't get time to contact customer care. will update once done.

    meanwhile, you can check for nearest service centre here:

    But at first make a call sony customer care:
    1800-103-7799 (Toll Free)
    Delhi: 26991205, Mumbai: 28231558, Kolkata: 24858999, Chennai: 28292211, Bangalore: 25211050
    Working Hours : All 7 Days (9am to 7:30pm)

    1. i have the same problem, and it is really bugging.

  8. thanks for the info buddy.i have came to know all who has taken this model is experiencing the same problem.i also thnk it is a hardware related problem.

  9. i got the problem rectified.they changed the the way the fan is making a lot of noise its creating problems now.

  10. thanks for the update friend.. Though I'm not facing, the Fan noise is common for CS models.. Sony already noticed it. Read about it here:

  11. even i was facing the same issue with the lcd screen. i got the lcd screen replaced.. i heard from many people about the same issue these days. Sony is providing extended support for some listed models..

  12. It seems a few other sony vaio models are also facing the LCD issue. At the service centre, I met another person who was facing the same issue with some other vaio laptop model.

  13. even i have the same model and i am planning to install windows7 on it, but the customer support executive is saying that the touch screen lcd panel will not work in windows's very important for me to get windows 7 on my laptop.can you please help

  14. i cannot even upgrade my laptop with windows7 as i have the 64 bit windows7 version and the laptop is pre-installed with 32 bit version of windows vista so i cannot have windows7 on it i have to format my laptop and if i do this the lcd touch screen panel will not work wich i dont want

  15. I purchased sony vaio cs24gh laptop from banglore... I had some issues with my lcd screen...there was a bright red color line at the bottom and the screen used to flicker a lot...i called sony customer care and they refused to service my laptop since i didn't have an international warranty(i was in US then)so i got my screen replaced for $115..i was shocked to see that sony had used LG lcd into its laptop...

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