Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Reinstalling Microsoft Office Document Imaging Printer

Whenever I have to print a webpage (e-tickets, transaction details, etc.), I use Microsoft Document Imaging printer that comes with Microsoft Office. It’s a virtual printer that saves the page in .mdi format on the computer so that it can be printed later. This virtual printer will also be helpful f you want to know how the documents will actually appear in the paper. Recently, I had installed updates to Microsoft Office but later found that the printer is missing from Printers and Faxes.

Did a lot of Googling and at last I found the trick!

1. Go to Control panel – Printers and faxes

2. Add Printer – select local printer attached then manual.

3. In the port option select Document image printer writer port

4. Install a generic text only printer.

5. Right-click on the generic text/only printer driver and select properties.

6. Click on ports and select "Microsoft office document imaging driver port"

7. Click on the advanced tab and change the driver to Microsoft office document image writer

8. Click on apply and OK

After the printer is created, do the following:

1. Go to Control panel – Printers and faxes. Right click on the newly created printer, select Properties.

2. Select Advanced tab.

3. Select Print Processor.

4. Choose Modiprint.


Note: Some websites asked me to reinstall MS Office, but I didn’t have Microsoft Office setup.


  1. It still works after all these years. Thanks a lot for this info. Have been looking for a while.

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